Sarah Fodda


Arabic, Assyrian, French, Persian and English
Parramatta and Sydney CBD

Sarah is currently studying a double degree, Bachelors of Laws and Arts majoring in Ancient Egyptian History at Macquarie University. She has a passion for family law, human rights law, and civil litigation.

Prior to joining Greenleaf Legal in October 2020, Sarah enjoyed undertaking work experience with Legal Aid. She provides invaluable support to our team and our clients, ensuring both business and client needs are met in a timely manner. Sarah’s day to day duties include undertaking legal research, preparing and drafting Court documents, preparing briefs of evidence to experts, organising appointments and mediations, and attending to general administration.

When Sarah is not working, studying or communicating in one of her 5 languages, she enjoys reading novels, spending time outdoors, and exploring museums. Sarah’s love for ancient Egyptian history found her volunteering in the Global Leadership program at Macquarie University where she transcribes notes and photographs sourced from scientists into digital databases for the Australian Museum.